Landscape Design Competition Entries For River Park West Lebanon

Earlier this summer Lyme Properties identified leading landscape design firms and invited them to compete in a Landscape Design Competition to generate ideas for the open space at River Park. Below is a synopsis of the challenge they were tasked with.

The competition will host five participating firms who will present their ideas on "Design Boards," which will be posted for public review starting on Tuesday, September 22nd. Everyone is welcome to stop by Kilton Library during their normal hours of operation to review the ideas that have been submitted by all five participating firms.

The teams will then present their ideas to the Design Jury on Saturday, September 26th at an event at the Wilder Center, which is also open to the public. Each team will have 45 minutes (30 for presentation, 15 for questions, strictly enforced) to present their concepts. 

Landscape Design Competition Agenda & Entries

The presentation agenda is as follows, and their respective entries are posted at the Kilton Library and embedded below for viewing online.

  1. 10:00am Richard Burck Associates (Entry / Narrative)

  2. 11:15am Ground Inc & O2 (Entry / Narrative)

  3. 12:15pm - Lunch Break -

  4. 1:00pm Copley-Wolff (Entry / Narrative)

  5. 2:15pm Landworks Studio (Entry / Narrative)

  6. 3:30pm OJB (Entry / Narrative)

Landscape Design Challenge:

Lyme Properties is pleased to announce an invited landscape design competition for River Park. Lyme is seeking bold, innovative and visionary ideas for this smart-growth, mixed-used development. Competition proposals should work within the existing Master Plan and consider the landscape design as a precedent for future phases and a unifying guide for the overall development.

One of the primary goals of the competition is to generate recreational concepts for the Park (Lot 6), the half-mile parcel along the Connecticut River, fulfilling the vision of Lyme Properties to develop River Park as the most vibrant, engaging and dynamic open space in the Upper Valley. Lyme Properties encourages entrants to develop proposals for the landscape design which will reflect the area's rich history, reveal the inherent characteristics of the location and incorporate themes of ecology, sustainability and connectivity to the West Lebanon community.

Photos from the Design Competition site tour and kick-off meeting: